Chroma Caps

HIGH PERFORMANCE Knob and Fader CAPS, by DJ TechTools

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Designed for Performance

Every last detail was upgraded for DJs and Producers,  including: rounded corners and soft rubber grip,  bright colors with large clear markers for better visibility,  and increased widths for a more natural feel.


Get a Grip

Chroma Caps are covered in a durable, and very grippable,  doubled injected rubber. This makes high performance manipulation of knobs and faders feel good and do exactly what you want. 


See Clearly

Label functions by color for more playable gear. Our bright colors are easy to see and allow you to separate out key controls by color or shape. Our glow in the dark, and UV reactive caps are especially popular for dark spaces. 


These are performance caps



Cleared for Comfort

You actually use your equipment, so we engineered ChromaCaps to be played heavily. The knobs are 30% wider for more grip. The tops and pointers are rounded for finger comfort. The base has been engineered so fingers  settle in for a snug fit. 



Risk Free Guarantee

It's simple - we guarantee Chroma Caps will fit great on your controller. Most controllers have been pre-tested. Check the list here to see if your model is one of them

Personalize your gear 

8 brilliant colors in 5 variations let you express your own personal style in the gear you love.  


First thought: is this really necessary? After trying them out, my answer is yes! Well, you manage without, but they are great! So much better grip and feel, and thereby control. Also you can do a color scheme after your own taste. I choose to color code, with a nice result. Highly recommended upgrade.
— Haal and House




Better Than Stock Knobs

"Overall they feel like they are very well made, definitely a better controller than the stock knobs and fader caps." - Tarekith / Inner Portal Studio

you don’t know what you’re missing 

"Chroma caps seem to be one of those extra things you just don’t need, but after using them, they seem to fit more into the category of: “you don’t know what you’re missing until you try them“. The main two reasons I would suggest buying Chroma Caps are: 1. The Look 2. The Feel" -

"Now, you would think that you should know what knob does what by now, and that by changing the colour of a knob wouldn’t make a difference in locating it, but it does. The colour draws you in and segregates the controls to make it more obvious where you need to jump with your hands. It’s like bolding a word in a sentence, it just stands out." -

No More Mistakes

" I reorganized, using the Chroma Cap colors as a visual cue. Now, all of the volume functions on my mixer have a red knob or fader. Equalization or pan knobs are blue and filter knobs are gray, using the larger “fatty knob. My favorite modification I made to the mixer is using the Encoder as my new ‘browse’ knob while keeping the stock smaller ‘loop’ knob. Those two knobs are spaced close together that often times I was grabbing/pressing the wrong one. I was looping when I meant to load; and loading when I meant to loop. Now I know which one I am touching based on feel." -




Much Better Than Stock

"One of the best cheap upgrades you can do for your controller. " - Brian Bugler

"These have a much better feel and look than factory knobs. I have the blue and magenta colors to help see in the dark on my 4 channel controller.” - DJ Odawa

"I like the softer feel of chroma caps compared to the stock caps that came with my pioneer ddj-sx2." - Dominic Souza-Larimore

They Feel great

"I love the texture of these knobs it's almost like a powdery grip, very soft and easy to fine tune or crank on" - Jacobius Wrex

"They don't just look rad, they feel super nice. Put some color (or not, they have black and gray) in your life! I love the feel of these little fattys." - Joshua Saposnekoo

Great Low light Visibility

"Love the feel of these caps. Color coding my controller also helps in low-light situations. I'll be buying these for every piece of gear I get." - Caleb Andersen

"Feel really good and make my Rane 64 really stand out. The colours have really helped my workflow, especially in a dimly lit area." - Jonathan Clarke

"Grip is amazing + they look cool! It's nice to be able to see my knobs & sliders in the dark." - Jamie Burgin


The Bright Vivid Colors Look great

"Definitely made my z1 mixer and x1 kontroller look awesome! love em!" - Paul Bosnyak

"Great look and amazing feel! Getting a lot of compliments on my Pioneer DDJ-SR." - Pedro Lopez

"So much quality! So much style!!! Its a must for any DJ, I put these on my Pioneer DDJ SX2 and it really stands out. Much better feel than stock knobs." - Ricardo Roach

"Colorful and stylish and they feel really great! I would recommend them to everybody and I will for sure!" - Nikola Orlovic

Highly recomended

"First thought: is this really necessary? After trying them out, I my answer is yes! Well, you manage without, but they are great! So much better grip and feel, and thereby control. Also you can do a color scheme after your own taste. I choose to color code, with a nice result. Higly recomended upgrade." - Haal and House

Essential Backup for gigs

"Many times will djs see mixers with stolen knobs, carrying a few caps around and faders can be a life saver." - Robert Breitenstein

Made for the stage

"Green knobs and faders are poppin on my mpd32, lovin 'em. Road tested and super tactile for sweaty stage performances." - Jacob Hernandez

"The visibility in poor lighting conditions was my main interest, but the feel of the knobs is a big plus. They're just slightly sticky, and there's no way you'll slip using these." - Steve Boyett

"Love adding these knobs and faders to my gear to give it some flair. So far has handled a good amount of abuse." - Swak






Will Chroma Caps fit my gear?

We have a pre-approved gear fit list with suggested knobs kits that we update regularly. If your gear is not listed, you can confirm fit using the diagram here

What if I don’t love them? 

It's simple - we guarantee Chroma Caps will fit great on your gear. Most controllers have been pre-tested. Check our "fit list" here to see if your model is one of them. Controller missing from the list? Order a set for your gear, and if they don't fit we will provide a refund - no questions asked. 

Are they easy to install?

Yes - most caps and faders pop off easily. If you're having any trouble with install, check out our full install guide here

How many should I order?

You can order as many or as little as you want. If you want to fully customize your gear, use the amount we suggest. You can mix and match colors as much as you want. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship quickly too. Full details here

How long does shipping take (domestic & international)?

Check out our shipping map here

My question isn't listed. Where is the full F.A.Q?

Checkout our full support page here. If your question isn't listed, open a support ticket or talk to DJTT experts on live chat in our main store.