The Redesign...


30% Wider for More Comfort and More Control

After developing and road-testing endless samples, we realized a EQ knob that a knob 30% wider was much more natural feeling, better feeling to twist, and gave the DJ more precise control over any mixer. It's just easier to hold onto really.



Softer Rubber and Rounded Tops for Improved Feel and Grip 

After all-night DJ gigs, your fingers can start to get pretty raw. Our double-injected rubber is 2X thicker than your standard cap for a softer grip. The Silicon rubber-composite we use is also a better material, easier on the hands. Our rounded-edge is a step up from your standard sharp-edge - which more quickly creates discomfort.


Larger Markers and Bright Colors for Better Visibility

 The 8 eye-catching colors mesh well together for a good looking upgrade that's 5X easier to see in low-light.